Haptic Visuality

by Shannon Turner

Haptic visuality offers one interesting point of departure for some aesthetic and ethical considerations of the (moving) image. Drawing on theory from film and visual anthropology, Shannon will offer an introduction to haptic visuality and will show some examples of haptic images from experimental and ethnographic film. I’ll discuss the relationship of images to the body and memory, and how haptic images can invite a more intimate type of viewership by calling upon senses whose images cannot be recorded. 

Shannon Turner is a visual anthropologist, working with participatory methods and visual media to explore, analyse, and communicate social phenomena. Her work frequently straddles the boundaries of social sciences research, film/video production and writing, exploring topics that include queerness, embodiment, and ritual. Like those collaborating in this laboratory, she often finds herself thinking about the image and grappling with questions about image-making, perception, and representation.