Our research

I Don’t See Anything As It Is Now 

Experimental research on the limits of the image​

“He who looks outwards dreams; he who looks inwards wakes up.”

Carl Jung

How to talk about images without having one already in mind? How to find the proper answer for such an infinite question? In order to know, one should be open to experiment. In order to experiment, we have created this laboratory – playground to deepen the questions: 

What is the image? What are the limits in the creation of an image? Can we only create images by appealing to the sense of sight? What are the images that we are missing? Are there images behind the images? Does every kind of language generate images? Where do the images happen? What form do the images take? Are they inside or outside us? Do we inhabit them or do they inhabit us? How can we reflect with images on what an image is? Can we get to the heart of the images? What will be their continuity? Where do they come from? Where do they go?

We would like to open a space to think about and to feel the image. We open ourselves to experience, we open more questions, we propose for everyone to get their own answers.