Alles in Butter

by Uriol 

Can you smell an image, can you touch it, what is the matter of the image? In the framework of Laboratory about Image, that is took place October 2020 at Hilbertraum Berlin, Uriol Jané, shared with us a story to digress a little on these topic and move into action. Uriol has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. She studied two semesters at the UdK (Berlin University of the Arts) and did her dissertation at EINA (University Centre of Art and Design in Barcelona). Uriol is an adventurer of colour and pure chance who formalises her work in objects, paintings, films, illustrations and installations. She has shown her work in many places around the world but especially in Barcelona, her hometown, and in Berlin, where she lives with her two children, combining her artistic practice with workshops and other pedagogical activities.