by Dagmar Schürrer
Screening & Artist talk

Her work explores the facticity of the moving, digital image, the correlation of digital space and material reality and image patterns as a form of visual language. The resilience of the digital image as a transient material allows her to push the boundaries of visual representation on screen. Figurative images of uncanny familiarity bleed into results of abstract manipulated data. Digital technology allows the artist to reveal forms and surfaces that could not be perceived before. The constant alterations and modifications of these forms along the border of abstract and figurative lead to an ambiguous tension in the moving image works, suggesting the presence of multiple dimensions beyond sensually experienceable and comprehensible objectivity.

Dagmar Schürrer is a media artist based in Berlin, Germany. The digital image, found and generated, is her material to form a visual language beyond analogue perception, reflecting on the possibility of creating new worlds and stories in digital space by following a subjective system of ordering. She assembles found footage, digitally generated objects and animations, text, drawings and sound to form intricate video montages, evocative of painting, collage and poetry. 
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